My Grayson

2024 Williford Matching Gift

Your generosity becomes even more impactful following the exciting announcement that Colonel Jim Williford is offering a matching gift where every dollar raised by The Grayson School will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $500,000.

Together we can make it $1 million!

We are very grateful to the Williford family for this generous opportunity to double your investment in our students.

Giving is personal. If you are interested in transferring stock, donating by another method, giving over time, or have any other questions, please email Kristen Luke Brooks or call her at 484.428.3241.

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Col. Jim and Cissie Williford with their granddaughter.

Colonel Jim Williford is the proud father of Jill Williford Wurman, DIrector of Research at The Grayson School, and the even more proud grandfather of Tucker and Piper (’25). Both Jim and his late wife, Cissie, have been generous long-standing donors and steadfast friends of Grayson.