My heart is happy.

The Grayson School begins its second year this week, which feels like a dream come true. We are only here due to the passion and sweat (and even tears) of a multitude of dedicated people, for whom I am incredibly grateful.

Year 2 First Day

As the students arrived at school this morning, I was filled with emotion, hearing the laughter of school friends reconnecting after the summer break, seeing the anticipation and excitement of making new friends at a new school from others, and welcoming moms and dads filled with hope and love.  Everything a first day of school should be about.

I was struck by what we have accomplished and where we are going:

  • we have more than doubled our student body this year by welcoming 12 new students!
  • we have also added 6  incredible staff and faculty members to the team;
  • last year we wrote over 430,000 lines of code (take note: I am now setting a new challenge — that our students hit 1 million lines of code this year!);
  • and we are now able to offer our students 7th and 8th grades, and are looking forward to adding PreK later this year as our next step towards providing research-based, innovative education for gifted children from PreK-12th grade.

I am so proud that together we continue to create a place where we nurture talent and allow high-ability learners to grow and be creative along with their peers, all day long.

Here’s to year 2!

Melissa Bilash, Founder

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